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Monday, June 6, 2011

Indv Report Zheng Jie

The first day of our camp led us to amazing talks or plenary session as they call it to take a glimpse of the many courses NTU offers for Undergraduates and Graduates both! From the micro-view of nano-technology, to the macro view of the world's ever-changing climate review ed by geodesist. Although all were an amazing experience with high level of depth, the continuos sessions for a few of the talks were driving me a little sleepy. Despite that, I still understand and grasped a great number of concepts and explanations.

My learning points from each session…

1.Importance of water-Dirty and Clean
The professor here was very enthusiastic about his work and loves to make his lessons enjoyable and memorable, I have learned from his talk the new knowledge of actually linking the clean water usage to energy made or consumed, for higher orders of thinking, and a reflection for us to think that as Singapore Citizens, we have clean water, but do others?
2.Revolution of Microelectronics Technology
This professor had showed us the amazing uses of Micro Tech, and how the world's never-ending revolution of products, like the 9 O's mentioned for use in the future exploration of innovation.
3.Biomedical Engineering & Technology
I found the advancements of technologies now intriguing and how almost all problems can be solved with these machines built, and what limitless advancements can be built in the future!
4.IT for Animation
I thought this was the most relaxing of all plenary sessions as there were many short film clips that made understanding and comprehending the use of IT in Animation easier.
5.Disappearing Glaciers…
This was the most interesting session I had ever experienced, maybe because the theme was tied somewhat to my favorite subject- Integrated Humanities, and I was intrigued to learn more of the gravitational pull that makes seas uneven, I wish I would be able to go to experience more of this!

My favorite one would be the last one related to disappearing glaciers etc. I found it very interesting as I believe that even though many decades have passed, there still is much more we do not know about the earth, our planet and is would be interesting to solve those mysteries.

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