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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Personal Reflection, Yuzhe

1. I choose this project because of my fascination with cells and tissues. As I am not the best at this subject, this would allow me to have an opportunity to learn more about this subject.

2. My role in this project is to help out with the blog, the report and also the presentation.

3. We encounter challenges like not having enough manpower and insufficient time to complete the task but we try our best to overcome the challenges.

4. Through this project, I learn that we can overcome any problems or challenges as long as we tried and even if we did not overcome those problems, we can know that we did try.

5. I have learned a lot more about cells, tissues and also bacteria from this program. I also learned to work better in a group because we have to overcome a lot of problems.

6. My aspiration for my future is to help the world to have less sickness.

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